Library Rules

1. When borrowing library resources, students of Man Kwan QualiEd College must present their student ID cards.

2. The borrowing period for library materials is fourteen days.

3. If there are no other requests for borrowing, each library item can be renewed by the same person for an additional fourteen days, with a maximum of five renewals per item.

4. For overdue returns of library materials, a fine of $0.5 per item per day will be imposed, with fractions of a day counted as a full day.

5. The maximum fine for overdue returns is $25.

6. Students are allowed to borrow a total of seven library materials, including five books and two electronic resources.

7. Borrowers are not permitted to lend or transfer their library ID cards to others.

8. Unless the holder of the library ID card has reported its loss in writing, they will be held responsible for any library materials borrowed by others using their card.

9. Borrowers must ensure that the borrowed library materials are in good condition before leaving the library.

10. In the case of lost or damaged library materials, borrowers will be required to pay the cost equivalent to replacing the item.

11. Students must wear their school uniforms when entering the library.

12. Students are not allowed to bring food or beverages into the library.

13. Students must place their bags and backpacks in designated areas within the library.

14. Silence must be maintained within the library, and loud discussions, playing, or chasing are not permitted. Violators will be disciplined.

15. Students should keep the library clean and organized.

16. Books, newspapers, and magazines in the library should be handled with care and returned to the book carts after reading.

17. Students need to queue up when borrowing or returning books and follow the instructions of the library staff.

18. Before leaving the library, students must present any items they brought with them.

19. Students are not allowed to move library furniture such as tables, chairs, cabinets, etc., without authorization.

20. Taking any library items without completing the borrowing procedures will be treated as theft.

21. Under normal circumstances, students are not allowed to use emergency exits in the library.

22. Please take personal belongings such as stationery and backpacks with you when leaving. Otherwise, the items may be confiscated.

23. All students must comply with the library regulations, and violations will be treated as a breach of school rules.

24. The library rules may be modified by the school authorities within appropriate timeframes to ensure service quality and enhance management of the library.