Artistic Creativity

Developing diversified creative plan
establishing a climate and the standard of talent activities

Measure 1: "Diverse Talents" Outstanding Performance Award

  1. Discover and praise students with creative potential
  2. Encourage students to develop their potential in four major areas including uniforms, sports, performing arts, and social services.

Target: All students in the school
1. Teachers recommend students who deserve praise, or students can register on their own (must be recommended by at least one teacher)
2. Students choose one of the four major areas to participate. The selection will be based on whether the students have taken the initiative and performed well in the past. In the relevant field, you have participated in the following activities and achieved achievements in the past 18 months:

    1. Participate in international/territory-wide public competitions, services or performances
    2. Participate in inter-school/academic/joint-school competitions, services or performances
    3. Participate in an intramural competition, service, or performance
    4. Participate in on-campus/off-campus courses or training in relevant fields
    5. Obtain awards or qualifications in various competitions or courses

3. Qualified students will be evaluated by teachers from the Creative Arts Group of the Student Development Department based on their past experiences and achievements. The one with the highest score wins.

  • The student with the highest score in each of the four categories will be selected as the winner. The winner will receive a certificate and a learning voucher equivalent to one month's tuition as rewards.

Measure 2: Starlight Stage
1. Create more space and increase opportunities for students to perform
2. Let students build self-confidence and organizational skills through performances
3. Encourage students to create on their own or in groups, give full play to students’ creativity, and allow them to show their talents
4. Improve students’ cooperation through performances, strengthen students’ sense of belonging to the school, and thereby build their cohesion.

Time: Lunch 1:30pm~1:50pm
Target: All students in the school
1. The creative arts group and the student union are responsible for the performance. Each performance consists of 1-2 groups.
2. Talent performances created by individual students or groups.

Measure 3: Creative Arts Group
1. Enrich students’ extracurricular life and enhance friendship among classmates
2. Enhance the relationship between teachers and students so that students can effectively develop their talents
3. Provide opportunities for students to develop physically and mentally, enhance knowledge, broaden their horizons, and understand society.

Date: All year round
Target audience:All students in the school (junior high school students must participate)
Format: Our school's creative arts groups are divided into four categories: "Uniform Team", "Sports", "Talent", and "Leadership Training and Student Growth", with more than 30 groups.

Measure 4: Uniform Team
1. By participating in the uniform team, students can explore their talents and cultivate students' obedience and discipline.
2. Give full play to students’ leadership talents and obedience spirit to adapt to the rapidly changing new society.
3. Cultivate students’ character of perseverance, willingness to cooperate, good communication, courage to try, and challenge themselves
4. Learn how to communicate with others through getting along with peers
Target: All students in the school (former one and two students will be arranged by the school to participate in the following uniform teams)
Uniform teams: including "Girl Guides", "Scout", "Traffic Safety Team", "Hong Kong Aviation Youth Corps", "Marching Band", "Red Cross" and "Hong Kong Navy Youth Corps"

Measure 5: Christmas Talent Show
Purpose: Through singing competitions and different talent performances, students can unleash their creativity and talent potential, improve their expressive and creative abilities, thereby strengthening their self-confidence and building their self-image, and actively participating in campus life. At the same time, Celebrate the Christmas season.
Date: Late December
Target: All students in the school
1. Singing competition organized by the student union
2. Creative arts period: including student dramas, song and dance performances by teachers and students, dance performances by teachers and students, etc.
3. Report good news, teachers and students have fun together, and celebrate the festival

Awards and Rewards:
1. Students who participate in the singing competition and perform will receive one point.
2. There will be a first, second and third place runner-up in the singing competition, and each will receive exquisite gifts as an encouragement.

Measure 6: Whole-school picnic day
1. Allow students to stretch their muscles, enjoy the fun of nature, and train students’ self-discipline
2. Enhance teacher-student relationships through group travel activities
Target: All students in the school
Format: Secondary 1 to 6 students set a travel location, and some may conduct camping or overseas travel. In addition, Form 6 students can choose their own travel destination.

Measure 7: All-round learning day
1. Relieve students’ tension during exams and allow students to relax physically and mentally
2. Inspire students’ minds and allow them to learn in diversified activities and absorb various information and skills.
Date: After the exam in the next semester
Target: All students in the school
Format: Holding diversified lectures, field trips, on-campus courses (such as ball game experience, digital learning, etc.) and movie appreciation, etc.