School Profile

School Information
  • School Supervisor and The Chairman of School Management Committee

    Prof. Tam Man Kwan


    Mr. Wong Kin San

    Type of School

    Direct Subsidy Scheme School (Co-Ed)

    Total Area

    8000 sq. metre

    No. of Students

    Around 900

    No. of Teachers


Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

All are Educable

Our Motto

Truth Goodness Beauty

Our Ethos

Respect, Confidence, Discipline, Strength

Our Education Ambition

To nurture students’ ecrudition and creativity to beome elites for the future society.

To develop students to be a new generation of Hong Kong with refined personality, taste and global visions.

To establish a world-class integrated secondary school with high educational effectiveness in Asia.

*Man Kwan QualiEd College is the first education institute to be awarded as accredited school by CITA (Commission on International and Trans-regional Accreditation) during 2003 and 2009.