S.1 to S.6 Admissions (2023-2024) 
Application Period:Effective from now on
Notes to Applicants:

Applicants are required to submit copies of HK ID Card, school report cards of recent three school years and all relevant certificates.

Application Form:

1. Register online

2. Go to the school office during office hours to obtain and submit the application form.

3. Download by clicking the following links
- Secondary One Discretionary Place Application Form 
(An interview will be arranged within two weeks after the application is received)
- Secondary Two to Six Discretionary Place Application Form


Email:[email protected]  or

Fax:2706 9906  or

By post / by hand:Man Kwan QualiEd College, School General Office, 2, Kan Hok Lane, Tseung Kwan O

Annual School Fees (2023-2024)

(The students who come from families receiving the CSSA or receiving financial assistance provided by the Student Finance Office(SFO) could apply for school fee remission. Students excluded from the above-mentioned subsidy scheme are also entitled to apply for any school-cased fee remission programmes.)

S1: HKD10,660 per annum
S2: HKD10,660 per annum
S3: HKD10,660 per annum
S4: HKD10,660 per annum
S5: HKD10,660 per annum
S6: HKD10,660 per annum

Admission Criteria


Based on our mission “ALL ARE EDUCABLE”, we are keen to provide learning opportunities to youths having a sense of purpose and identifying themselves with our ideas for their future successes and contributions to society. Our admission criteria are as follows:

1. Academic results:30%

2. Conduct:30%

3. Extracurricular performance (including various extracurricular activities such as physical exercise, arts and drama, etc.) :20%

4. Interview performance (Interviews must be conducted with the presence of either father or mother of the interviewee. No written test will be provided.) :20%