Programme Details

Bonding with International Education Network
Promoting Development of Quality Education

Man Kwan QualiEd College has established sister school relationships with a number of schools in the Mainland and overseas. The aims of establishing sister school relationships are to set up cooperation network for ideas exchange and to join hands to promote the development of education so that students and teachers can be benefited.


Man Kwan QualiEd College and schools in the Mainland and overseas work in close collaboration with each other in order to achieve thecommon goal of promoting the development of education.We support and assist each other in the following aspects:

- Exchange of information and resourcesfor teaching;
- Interaction betweenstudentsand teachers;
- Student Exchange Programme;
- A student from one school can further his studies in another school and sit the public examinationheld in that place and vice versa;
- Teacher Exchange Programme;
- To jointly organize courses or activities for students from both schools to join and a priority will be given to them;
- Video conference system is appliedfor cross-boundary exchange activities, including seminars, forums and academic seminars;
- Attending talks or forums as a guest speaker;
- Cooperation of school management and support;
- and other kinds of co-operation.

All Schools are welcome to establish asisterschool relationship withus.For enquires, please feel free to call our Chief Administrative Master via 27066969.