Enhancing an orderly school life
helping students to build a disciplined image

The school regulations are formulated to train students in the spirit of self-discipline, self-improvement, self-esteem, and self-confidence, cultivate good virtues, become good students and citizens, and establish a good school spirit.


School uniform appearance review
Purpose: Through the school uniform appearance review, students' unpretentious taste is clearly cultivated and a pure school spirit is established.
Target audience: All students in the school
Format: It is held irregularly every year during class meetings, and each class is reviewed in turn.


Guidelines for conduct on and off campus
Purpose: Through clear guidelines, students can abide by them together, improve learning efficiency, and develop the habit of obeying the rules at all times.
Target audience: All students in the school
Develop rules of conduct within and outside of school. 


Follow up on students who are late and absent from class
Purpose:Let students know that it is the basic responsibility of students to go to school on time every day.
Target: Students who are late or absent from class
1. Students who are late must attend after-school tutoring
2. Students who are absent from class must be interviewed by their parents


Handling illegal use of mobile phones in school
Purpose:This enables students to conduct learning activities in school more efficiently and attentively.
Target:All students in the school
1. If a teacher discovers a student using a mobile phone illegally in school, he will immediately record 2 shortcomings;
2. For students who violate the rules multiple times, the class teacher will follow up individually and contact their parents.


Attendance and Punctuality Competition

Purpose﹕Through healthy competition, we can leverage the strength of the group to improve students' attendance and punctuality rates and enhance learning effectiveness.
Target﹕All students in the school (divided into senior group and junior group)
Format & Reward﹕
1. "Meet the standard" award: Each group counts the attendance and punctuality rate of each class every month, and the class that meets the standard receives the award (attendance 98%; punctuality 99%).
2. "Master" Award: The class with the most reasonable monthly attendance and punctuality will be awarded in each group, one class each for the high school group/junior high school group.
3.  Reward - Winning classes and students will receive certificates, points and points in the "Man Kwan QualliEd Cup".


Rainbow Project

1. Provide improvement plans for students with different levels of violations and give them opportunities to make corrections, even if their classmates have been
Even if you have demerits or shortcomings, you can still participate in the plan to offset the merits and demerits through a positive attitude and learn to take responsibility.

2. Allow students to reflect on their erroneous behavior and use this as a lesson to avoid repeating mistakes in the future and continue to improve.

1. This plan will be settled once in the first and next semester. Students can offset recorded shortcomings, minor or major demerits by the strengths they gain from the "Reaching for Stars Project".
2."Basic merits and demerits offset"﹕
2.1 "General Violation Students" - Students who record 2 shortcomings or less in a single time can decide whether to participate.
2.2 "Students with general violations" must go to school on time during "Self-Discipline Week", submit all homework on time, and have a B grade in conduct for that semester.