Deep Learning

In April 2018, our former school principal, Mr. Cheung Chi Man, along with two other principals from Man Kwan Educational Organization, attended the Deep Learning Lab conference in Vancouver, Canada, hosted by international education scholar Michael Fullan. Deep Learning is a learning model promoted by Michael Fullan, it includes 6Cs (Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Character and Citizenship) as essential competencies. It emphasizes that learning should focus not only on subject knowledge but also on the development of students' abilities to create and apply new knowledge in the real world.


The international organization founded by Michael Fullan, New Pedagogies for Deep Learning (NPDL), aims to promote research on the 6Cs by establishing an international network. Currently, over 10 countries and 1,000 schools are participating in this initiative. The Deep Learning Lab conference brought together over 400 representatives from 16 different countries, including seven core member countries. Our school participated in 12 lectures and workshops during the three-day conference. The content ranged from international education experts sharing emerging educational trends to experiences shared by the core member countries regarding the implementation of the 6Cs learning model. Through the success experiences shared by schools worldwide, our Educational Organization gained valuable insights to enhance teaching and learning practices. In fact, the "ACTIVE Education" framework, promoted by our Educational Organization, aligns well with the 6Cs learning model, allowing us to draw on each other's strengths.


To enhance teachers' understanding of the Deep Learning model and strengthen our connection with Michael Fullan, our Educational Organization invited him and his core team members to Hong Kong in November 2018 to conduct a series of seminars and workshops. Today, our school incorporates elements of the 6Cs into various school plans, complemented by the "ACTIVE Education" framework. This ensures that students can further enhance their competencies and character development, aligning with our educational philosophy of "All are Educable, All can Succeed."