E- Esteem

  1. "Successful School": Building students' self-confidence is not only the ultimate goal of school education but also the benchmark for a "successful school." Graduates who possess self-confidence can stride confidently and forge a broad path in life. Even in the face of setbacks and adversity, they do not give up but persist with sincerity and a positive mindset, steadfastly moving towards their life goals.

  2. Self-esteem: The school adopts a "positive" strategy, fostering students' holistic development in morality, intellect, physicality, social perspectives, and aesthetics through close interactions and real-life learning experiences both inside and outside the school. On one hand, the school creates opportunities for students to experience success, and on the other hand, it implements a whole school reward system, such as the "Star Awards Program," the "Annual Star of Man Kwan QualiEd College," and external competition reward programs. These initiatives help students nurture sincerity and a righteous heart, build self-confidence, and cultivate the will and behavior throughout their growth journey.