Library Facilities

  • Located on the first floor, making it convenient for both teachers and students to use.
  • A collection of over 20,000 books, and with an ongoing effort to acquire new books in both Chinese and English.
  • Hong Kong Education City e-Reading electronic book platform.
  • Subscribed newspapers include Ming Pao, Sing Tao Daily, and South China Morning Post.
  • Electronic subscriptions include Wisenews, Sing Tao Daily, Junior Standard, Student Standard, and Ming Pao.
  • Subscribed magazines include Today's Campus, National Geographic, Sports World, NBA League, Football Weekly, ELLE, Choice, Time, Live Interactive English, Hong Kong Secondary Student Literary Monthly, The English Circle, The English Corner, and The English Channel, and many more.
  • The Lecture Theatre in the library provides a comfortable environment for lectures, teaching, and movie screenings.
  • Dedicated areas within the library include the New Book Exhibition Area, Study Area, Magazine Browsing Area, Information Technology Area, Comic Zone, English RaC (Reading across the Curriculum) Area, Subject Resources Area, and Higher Education and Career Information Corner.
  • Digitized library catalogue.
  • Photocopying machines.
  • Public computers, with one of which dedicated for reading electronic newspapers.
  • A set of audio equipment.
  • A book sterilization machine.