School Supervisor's Message

Supervisor's Message

All are Educable

  • Prof. Tam Man Kwan
    Email: [email protected] 

    • B.A. (HONS), The University of Hong Kong
    • Dip. Ed., The Chinese University of Hong Kong
    • M.A. (Ed.), The Chinese University of Hong Kong
    • Ph.D., University of London Institute of Education
    • Hon. Fellow, University of London Institute of Education
    • Hon. University Fellow, The Open University of Hong Kong
    • Adjunct Professor, Department of Educational Administration and Policy,
    • Faculty of Education, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
    • Supervisor of Man Kwan Pak Kau College
    • Supervisor of Man Kwan QualiEd College
    • Supervisor of The Jockey Club Man Kwan Eduyoung College
    • President of Hong Kong Private Schools Association
    • Chairman of University of London Institute of Education Hong Kong Old Students' Association
    • Consultant of Training Committee, The Scout Association of Hong Kong

Dear parents,

A new academic year always comes with new scenes. This is especially true and worth celebration as our school is entering its eightteen year of service.

This year, apart from further consolidating our existing school culture and characteristics, we'll keep innovating.

By innovation we mean both addressing insufficiencies and keeping exploration of new areas of knowledge and creativity.

Our school accepts and respects every student. We expect students to be well educated and therefore can stand on their own feet in the future. So we are very keen not only on building intimate relationships between teachers and students through which the latter could experience love and dignity but also on cultivating their self-respect, self-discipline, self-confidence, self-strengthening, self-love, respect for teachers and respect for the value of an hierarchy of elders and youths. Therefore we organize QualiEd Cup, volunteer services, talent programme, programme on philosophies of life and creativity activities for exhibiting values that should be uniquely held by our students and hence help them to possess integrity and principles.

For the past fourteenth years, our school has been undergoing steady development with support from colleagues, parents and the general public. It's under the guidance of our Incorporated Management Committee and the efforts made by our teachers and students that our schools' philosophy of education could be implemented and our achievements in academy and talent development very much recognized and praised by the general public.

We pursue our goal of maintaining an integrated secondary school with best quality. In the future, we still need your continuing support for the philosophy of education of QualiEd College on which we strive for the developments of students' knowledge and talents!

Best regards,

Prof. Tam Man Kwan