I- Innovative

  1. Holistic Management: To build the school's management framework, in addition to establishing departments for school development, student affairs, and academic development, a "Quality Assurance Department" is set up to monitor the performance of each department. It provides data for reflection and review, and most importantly, ensures that the school's teaching and learning activities align with the school's mission. Furthermore, we do plan training for administrative staff at various levels to ensure the inheritance of management concepts and practices, contributing to sustainable school development.

  2. Execution Power: The school's vision and mission require a dedicated and innovative administrative team to implement them. Apart from selecting capable administrative staff through an open, fair, and just selection process, emphasis is also placed on developing the management and innovation mindset of the administrative staff. Regular inter-school administrative training sessions are held, and senior administrative personnel from different schools, including Man Kwan QualiEd College, Man Kwan Pak Kau College, and the Jockey Club Man Kwan EduYoung College, gather weekly for inter-school administrative meeting to discuss the organization and school development directions. Administrative staff are also sent for overseas exchanges and visits to absorb the latest educational and management information, leading school development and strengthening the innovative and execution abilities of the administrative team to plan appropriate educational experiences for students' future.

  3. Innovative Teaching: The school encourages teachers to engage in lifelong learning and broaden their horizons to drive the development of teaching and learning with the latest thinking. A systematic training framework and goals are established, encompassing in-school, inter-school, local, and overseas training networks to support the development of teachers' innovative teaching. In addition to organizing teacher training days and educational enrichment series, collaboration among schools is strengthened, with the establishment of communication networks among inter-school subject panels. Regular inter-school teacher training days are held throughout the year. Teachers are encouraged to participate in external training courses, and opportunities for sharing and exchange with other schools have been enhanced in recent years. This allows teachers to engage with practitioners from different levels and schools, facilitating knowledge exchange. Regular arrangements are made for teachers and administrative staff to engage in overseas exchanges, absorbing the latest teaching information from abroad, fostering a "learning school" atmosphere, and driving innovation in teaching and learning within the school.

  4. Innovative Interactive Learning: Emphasizing the importance of interaction, collaboration, and innovation in the learning process, the school aims to cultivate students' innovative thinking. Therefore, the school promotes innovative self-directed learning models and implements flipped classroom teaching. With the aid of innovative teaching equipment and interactive platforms mentioned above, teachers pre-record instructional content as short videos for students to preview at home. This increases the time for classroom interaction, discussion, and reflection, shifting the focus of the classroom back to students. It enhances students' communication, collaboration, and critical thinking abilities, fostering a spirit of self-directed learning.

  5. Innovative Curriculum: The school is committed to expanding STEAM education to foster students' creative thinking and potential. Various learning strategies are employed to strengthen students' comprehensive and applied knowledge and skills in different subject areas. This includes curriculum integration in mathematics, science, and technology education, teaching students about artificial intelligence (AI) programs, using micro:bit, Arduino programming for hardware creation, 3D printing, digital games, and providing over 400 online learning platforms and various digital game-based learning resources. Additionally, the school emphasizes the life, social, and thinking aspects of students' learning experiences. Encouraging student participation in different types of activities such as inter-school debate competitions, maker fairs, thematic research projects, and local/international competitions, allows students to integrate knowledge and cultivate higher-order thinking, critical thinking, and innovative thinking.

  6. Innovative Advanced Facilities: To support the promotion of various innovative curricula, the school continuously enhances the campus environment and facilities. Actively collaborating with different businesses and universities, we provide students with the most advanced and comprehensive equipment to fully unleash their creativity.