V- Values

  1. Moral Education: The growth of young people requires various nutrients, including values education, civic education, and sex education, in order to cultivate them into good citizens with upright character and physical and mental well-being. We emphasize an "people-oriented" education approach, which not only incorporates these nutrients into students' daily learning and activities but also implements Holistic Education during regular school hours. Every Friday afternoon, all students engage in different forms of "Holistic Education lesson" with various topics. Through a systematic arrangement of curriculum from Form 1 to Form 6, students can comprehensively absorb knowledge in these areas and cultivate a positive life attitude.

  2. Service Learning: We have also been promoting school-wide service learning programs and including service hours as part of the promotion, retention, and graduation criteria. We hope that through service learning, students can broaden their horizons and life experiences, and develop a comprehensive set of moral sentiments and values from "individual to society and even universal values." This enables students to grasp important values such as integrity, justice, love, and rationality, cultivate a love for life, demonstrate the innate goodness of human nature, exhibit a passionate heart, and ultimately achieve the state of "bright virtue" by living out the value of life.