Exchange Programme


1. To deepen students’ understanding in education systems and cultures of both places.
2. To provide opportunities for students to jump out of their classrooms and widen their horizons.
3. We expect students to share what they have experienced with their classmates, friends, teachers and family after they return home. This can stimulate both sides to think and thus to achieve cultural shock.


All students of QualiEd College and of our sister schools.


1. Duration
- The duration of the exchange programme can be 1 month, 3 months or even up to 6 months. For better efficacy, it is advised that the duration should be no less than 1 month.

2. Form
- Students shall study in the same form as he was in before
“Studying in Hong Kong /Shanghai / Zheungzhou Programme”

3. Campus Life
- All books shall be lent/ subsidized by school;
- Exchange students have to attend classes according to the timetable of the host school;
- Exchange students are required to take part in activities arranged by the students of the host school as well as those arranged by the host school;
- Exchange students must obey the school rules of the host school;
- If exchange students encounter any problems in their everyday lives, they may seek advice from their class teacher or the teacher-in-charge;
- The school will arrange 3 students to go on an exchange programme together so that they can look after each other in their school work and everyday lives.

4. Meals and Accommodation
- Free accommodation will be provided by QualiEd College for all exchange students.
- Exchange students will be provided with free lunch in school while breakfast and dinner are not provided.

5. Suggested Time

  • - Students are not advised to go on an exchange during the long school holiday or examination periods in the host school.